Chesspas-tattooQ: Are Chesspas pieces suitable for young children?
A: The pieces are small enough to represent a choking hazard; keep away from children 3 years of age and younger.

Q: Why do you sell only one player’s pieces in a package?
A: When you have one style of pieces, and your friend has another style, the game of chess becomes more expressive of your taste and personality. You could have a separate necklace for kings you’ve captured, like a trophy. Spoils of war badge. You get the idea.

There’s also a practical consideration: portability. When you’re only carrying around your 16 pieces, they can still be large enough to play with comfortably without being too bulky on a necklace (although 2 Tribal sets fit in a canister in your pocket.

Q: How much do I have to buy before I get free shipping?
A: The free shipping discount is automatically applied to all orders.

Q: Do you offer volume pricing?
A: Certainly; please contact us regarding volume/wholesale pricing.

Q: Why the Chesspas approach to chess?
A: The point of Chesspas is to make it more convenient to play the game the whole world loves.

If you’ve ever set up a game of chess at the kitchen table only to have Junior topple the pieces when he’s reaching for his sippy cup, then you understand why Chesspas was created. Peanut butter on the chessboard, games that interrupt three meals, missing rooks are all problems solved by taking the Chesspas approach to playing chess.

Chesspas also goes beyond preserving your chess game. It promotes chess matches on your terms, your schedule.Maybe you have a few minutes during lunch and you want to play speed chess. Use your chessboard bandana, or scribble a grid on paper with a pen.

Q: What does “Chesspas” mean?
A:┬áChesspas = Chess + Pas = Chess + Step (French), suggesting mobility in chess. Put it back together into Chesspas, and you have a word like “Chispa,” meaning “spark” in Spanish. Now, that’s just clever.