Here are the stories, the trials, the tribulations, the conquests. People have things to say about Chesspas, about chess, about playing this great game. I’m quite certain I’m not using WordPress properly to do this, but I must swallow my pride and begin to document these experiences. They’re piling up!

*Stories are shared with permission.

Alex: “…I’ve always enjoyed chess, and this was just too cool an idea, along with really good, original design, to let pass by. My wife and I just had our first child, and I’m really looking forward to getting to teach her the game and, eventually, present her with her very own portable set now.”

Samuel: “…Chesspas looks to be really cool! I’m always on the lookout for portable games I can keep in my bag to break out at restaurants or in line at conventions.”

Jacob: “…(Chesspas) was brought to my attention by a friend of mine that goes to college with me. Since we have a break at the same time he brings chess every Monday and Wednesday and we usually play a couple of games between classes. This was very appealing to both of us because it is both compact and the style is very cool.

I’ve heavily into board gaming for about the last 5 years, and my dad taught me chess when I was a very young child. I’m really looking forward to the results of this project and any you might come up with in the future.”

Catherine: “…I’m a sucker for good design, and for solutions to problems that I didn’t even know I had. So your project is a natural.

My husband and 8-year-old daughter love to play games together, but the one “main” table in our dining room is always covered with stuff. Rather than set up a whole chess game on a different, unused table — and then have it inevitably get knocked over and ruined — we just haven’t been playing chess at all. Even though chess has such a long and fascinating history. Even though it’s good for developing minds. Even though it’s an integral part of our cultural tradition. Even though it’s fun!

I’m excited about being able to deliver chess to my daughter and husband in a way they can enjoy and USE together on a regular basis. She has a strong attraction towards math and game theory already, and I know that gaining a solid foundation in chess would really benefit her in many ways — probably in ways I can’t even foresee.

Chess teaches patience, mental toughness, agility, fortitude, the “theory of mind” required for predicting others’ actions — the benefits go on and on. It can be a glue that binds generations together, even when they have stopped talking about politics and religion. Who can say no to a nice game of chess?

Chess can open doors and forge connections with others throughout life. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed at any age, in any setting. It can be played rain or shine, anywhere you happen to be — even more so with a nicely portable game like Chesspas.

Even if she doesn’t end up bonding with Eastern European expats or winning a state championship, learning chess will at least give her the tools to pwn any bullies at school with her masterful middle game.

The cool pendant is a nice benefit as well. That’s for me.”

Trevor: “…What really sold me on this is the portability, yet style. I love playing chess, but very seldomly have someone to play with (without being online). I think having this, the necklace or even just the kings pendant on a keychain, would obviously be a conversation starter, the design is really cool. And with conversation I might be able to play a few more games this way 🙂

Thanks for the e-mail, it is greatly appreciated and I love to see an entrepreneur who cares about his product this much!

Jay: “…I think this is going to be a great product for my fellow ultra
light back packers. M and my hiking partner have been looking for something
like this for some time now. AWESOME”

Rebecca:…My boyfriend taught me to play chess (which I’m horrible at, by the way …) way back in high school. Since then we’ve broken up, went seven years without speaking, and got back together after my divorce last year, and chess has been sort of a symbol of our relationship, to the point where we’ve debated king and queen tattoos. He already has all the boards and pieces he really needs, with stories behind a lot of them (and one set handmade by his late grandfather), so he doesn’t really need any more sets, which led me to the pendant. So I picked it because it’s chess-related, but not a chess set, and also awesome. (And affordable on a graduate student’s salary, can’t forget that …)”

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