Chesspas. It’s chess on-the-run!

To launch Chesspas we usedĀ Kickstarter, a popular and reliable crowd-funding platform. The campaign was successful and we’ve opened our online store now that we’ve shipped the rewards to most of our initial Kickstarter backers.

Chess. It’s for the folks in the park, it’s for kids at a club, it’s for grandparents trying to counter a grandchild’s brilliantly played Sicilian Defense. It’s not always convenient trying to match schedules. Or, worse, you’ve watched your three-hour match destroyed when it had to be moved from the kitchen table and the pieces ended up on the floor.

Chesspas is honored to bring chess players a more convenient way to play chess. Wear the pieces around your neck on a necklace, or put them in your pocket for the next impromptu match. A Bandanaboard keeps the sun off your head and the snifflejuice off your beak if you must…but certainly use it to play the game of chess!

Wherever, however you use Chesspas pieces, they’ll always be fun and convenient.